Thursday, September 21, 2006

An intro.

Hi, Mike here. I've put together a list of film revivals to catch for over 5 years now. But since others are doing blogs, I'll be putting my lists on a blog now (based on a suggestion from you Ed, thanks.). Basically, I intend to write about several things:

1) Continue putting out a list of films to catch, to the people I sent this stuff out before. Only films in either Manhatten and Queens, unless there's a sudden reason to do otherwise. Won't list every revival playing , just the ones I think I might be able to catch. Ocassionally I'll put on a new release, but mainly as a reminder to at least one person that this is something I want to catch. Who knows, this might make things easier then putting out long emails. Let's try it.

2) I'll review films I catch in New York. I may include what your views are if you come with me. I won't use your name if you don't want me to. You could choose your own nome de plume if you wish. You can choose not to be included as well. I may also comment on the experience on the whole as well (the theater: good and/or bad qualities). Consider me as nothing more then a gifted amatuer or amatuer ZAGAT. I won't keep any real critics up at night with my prose.

It may take me up to 2 weeks to get around to posting, so don't hold your breath. If I don't get in within two weeks, I may or may not even bother. We'll see.

If you see an ad, click it please. No obligation to buy. Only once a day would that work. I get a small piece. Very small. So small, I might barley get a newspaper out of it. Not a Sunday Times though, I don't dare to dream.

Let's see what happens. Later.

P.S. One of my favorites, Monty Python's Flying Circus, has a retrospective coming up at the Film Forum. Very influential in my thinking and in my humor, for better or for worse. I'll break it down what's playing and when another time, but for now, here's the link:

I hope you go to see something there. Later.

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