Thursday, February 01, 2007

New list to catch up on: making up for the old list thanks to Oscar

Hey all, Mike here. A new list of films to catch up on, now that the Oscar nominations have come out, and we have a better idea of what will come out on video in the coming days.

First, I do like this time of you as a filmgoer. A lot of the better films were released here in November and December, or go into mass release in January. Plus, some films that I missed throughout the year, are being pushed out on DVD faster then before. So for a film buff, this is like 6-10 weeks of film nirvana, unless you have a friend who is demanding to see Night at the Museum or Blood and Chocolate. Yes, I have fun with the ceremony as well, even it's train wreck sections, like the musical number for Crash's Best Song (an interpretive rape dance sequence with burning cars and dancing homeless? ARE WE KIDDING?)

So we'll split the list in several sections. They won't seem much different then the previous one, but now we can be more exact. Again, it's a guide and a list that is more useful as what can be crossed off, or serve as a reminder of what else there is to catch. First, films that made the major categories that are playing in theaters as of this writing (first in order of what I cut and paste from the previous post, plus add in whatever I missed):

Notes on a Scandal
The Queen
Children of Men
Little Children
Pan's Labyrinth
Letters From Iwo Jima
Happy Feet
The Departed
The Last King of Scotland
The Pursuit of Happyness
Blood Diamond
The Departed

Also of note in terms of what's playing in theaters soon:

The Lives of Others

A German film that is nominated for Foreign Language Film. It comes out in limited release on Feb. 9. Trailer looked interesting.

Next are a list of films nominated in the major categories that have been or will be released on DVD:

Little Miss Sunshine
The Devil Wears Prada
United 93
Monster House
Water (nominated for foreign Language Film; Blockbuster actually carries it.)
Jesus Camp
An Inconvenient Truth
The Departed (Yes, I know I put it in the first section. But it comes out on DVD Feb. 13)
Half Nelson (Also comes out Feb. 13)
Babel (Again, yes I know I put it in the first section. But it comes out on DVD Feb. 20)

Next are a list of films still playing in theaters, but were only nominated in at least one of the minor categories:
The Good Shepherd
The Curse of the Golden Flower
The Good German (Good luck finding it outside of Kew Gardens)

Next are a list of films to catch on DVD that were only nominated in at least one of the minor categories:
The Black Dahlia
The Illusionist
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Don't hold your breath my catching this until it hits cable)
Click (Ditto)
Poseidon (Ditto. Oh hell no, not before cable)
Superman Returns
Flags of Our Fathers (Comes out Feb. 6)
Marie Antoinette (Comes out Feb. 13)
The Prestige (Comes out Feb 20)

Next are a list of films that are on DVD that weren't nominated, but should be seen to either round out your Top 10 list or make it potentially more difficult to leave it out:

The Descent
V For Vendetta
Sophie Scholl: The Final Days
Joyeux Noël

The Descent is one of the better horror films to come out in a while. V is a button pusher of another type; you may not like, but you won't be able to ignore it. Sophie Scholl and Joyeux Noël was nominated at last year's Oscars foforeigngn Language Film, but not released in U.S. theaters
until Feb. or March 2006. Both based on trustorieses, both worth catching.

Finally, 1 other film:

Army of Shadows

Again, a 1969 film that finallreceiveded a U.S. release last May, and was on many critic's's Top 5 list. Imagine a war film involving the French Resistance, but shot thru the filter of a gangster film noir. AMMI cancelled it's Friday Feb 23 screening, but will still play on Saturday Feb 24 at 6:30. If you haven't seen it, set time on youcalendarer and go.

That's all for now. Hope it was useful. If it wasn't, well, what do I care? Later.

P.S.: I'm kidding about the part on the second paragraph about Blood and Chocolate. No one demands to see Blood and Chocolate. Relatives of those who made Blood and Chocolate weren't demanding to go once they saw the trailer.

P.P.S.: I wasn't going kidding about what I said about Night at the Museum. At least one friend has been pushing to Night at the Museum. I saw the trailer and thought OH HELL NO!!
I know you said sometimes you prefer a little comedy over a drama, but give me a break! It's from the director of those Cheaper By The Dozen films. You didn't like them! You don't even like Ben Stiller and you still want to go! Shut up already!

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