Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April revivals: second half

Mike here with a list of revivals for the second half of April. I'm not fooling myself though. The only ones I'm guessing I will get anyone interested in are the Bond films, and anything else will be a bonus. 2 of these films I've done before, and another film is x rated. But nevertheless, I put it out there. Here we go:

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SING-A-LONG- Fri Apr 20 and Sat Apr 21 at Midnight at IFC Film Center W. 4th and 6th Ave.- and Tues Apr 24 at 7:30 at Cinema Arts Centre- 423 Park Avenue in
Huntington- Once again I bring up the Buffy sing a long. Those who saw the clip i forwarded from MTV News which briefly featured me and others who were there (, have an idea of how much fun it was. For those who hate the midnight time slot, or hate having to go into Manhattan, it will play at the more reasonable time of 7:30 on Tuesday April 24, at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington. Go to for more details and directions.

DISCO DOLLS IN HOT SKIN in 3-D- Sat Apr 21 at Midnight- Landmark Sunshine Cinema- 143 East Houston St. bet 1st and 2nd Ave.- For those who prefer some other kind of entertainment for your midnight pleasure, here's something a little different. A campy X rated film from 1977, featuring gorgeous Uschi Digard and an uncredited John Holmes. Supposedly in 3-D. I think it might be a little different then the 3-D effects in Meet The Robinsons. Call it a hunch.

ROBERT ALTMAN'S THE LONG GOODBYE- Sat Apr 21, Wed Apr 25 and Thurs April 26- Film Forum- 209 W Houston Street, between 6th Avenue & Varick- 7:40 and 9:50- Some of you have done this Robert Altman film with me before, so I won't push too hard. This is a new 35mm scope print. I don't know what that means, so if someone does, let me know.

Anyway, if you haven't seen it, catch it. Imagine Phillip Marlowe, now in the swinging, more violent, early-1970s, while he still seems to carry the values and ideals of a much earlier era. Now, instead of having Bogart as your private eye, you have Elliott Gould. Altman felt Gould was perfect for it. He said (I got this from the Forum website):

“Everyone said Elliott’s not Philip Marlowe and I wasn’t being true to Chandler, but what they were really saying was that Elliott Gould wasn’t Humphrey Bogart. I believe we were closer to Chandler’s character than any of the other renditions.”

That apparently was the feeling back in 73, beacuse the film was a box office flop. Their loss, your gain if you go see it.

DARLING- for free- AMMI- Fri April 27 at 5- 35th Ave. and 36th St.- In 1965, Julie Christie essentially became a star in 1965 and won the Oscar for Best Actress. However, she became a star from her 1965 film, Doctor Zhivago, and won the Oscar for this. From director John Schlesinger (Midnight Cowboy), Christie plays an anti-hero; a model in swinging London of the 60s who tries to sleep her way to money and success, people be dammed.

GOLDFINGER- Fri Apr 27 and Sat Apr 28- Film Forum at 7:30 (tentative for me on Friday) and 9:40- 209 W Houston St, bet. 6th and Varrick- This is the start of a series of films that are from the 60s with a view on spies, either serious or light, or it's a James Bond flick (everything officially and unofficially Bond from Dr. No through A View To A Kill, except Moonraker, will be shown). Arguably one of the best Bonds, as Sean Connery battles the title character, Odd Job, a castrating laser, and in his own way, Pussy Galore. Following the 2 listed evening performances on each day, there will be a Goldfinger sing-a-long. No I don't know why or what exactly, they're just doing it.

THE EVIL DEAD- Sat April 28 at 7- Two Boots Pioneer- East 3rd Street bet. Avenues A and B- If you're more in the mood for a horror film, then Sam Raimi's 1981 (though it didn't receive an official release until 1983) classic fits the bill.

DR. NO- Sun April 29- Film Forum at 5:20, 7:30 and 9:40- The first of the Bond films (No I'm not counting the Barry Nelson version done for TV, Bart. Shut up about it already!) with Sean Connery. Featuring the Theme, and Ursula Andress rise from the sea like a goddess. Luckilly, there will be no sing-a-long after each screening. I'd hate to imagine how stupid that would be like.

Let me know if there's interest, especially if it's about AMMI, Huntington or Bond. Later all.

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