Thursday, December 06, 2007

December revivals: first half

Mike here with what to catch in the first half of December. Sorry it's a little late. Three reasons for that. One, busy schedule on my end, which eliminates certain films and times for me. Two, once I knew I couldn't do Salo at the Walter Reade this past Sunday and Monday, I knew there was no rush. Three, a small list to begin with. I'm most interested in the first two, ok but not running for the others. Here we go:

I'M NOT THERE- Fri Dec 7 at 6:45, 9:30 and Midnight, Sat Dec 8 at 9:30 and Midnight, Tues Dec 11 and Wed Dec 12 at 6:45 and 9:30 at the Film Forum (other dates TBA)- Again, not a revival or a re-release. But the Dylan bio-pic is something I want to catch. Yes, it's playing in other theaters, but I prefer to frequent the non-profit Forum than a commercial theater, so you can look up those times at other theaters on your own. Don't know how much longer it will play at the Forum beyond Thurs Dec 13, but I intend to go there. I'm even up for a midnight screening if possible.

ERASERHEAD- Fri Dec 7, Sat Dec 8, Tues Dec 11, Fri Dec 14 at 7:55 and 9:55; Fri Dec 7, Sat Dec 8 and Sat Dec 15 at 12:05AM; Wed Dec 12 at 11:35am, 1:40, 3:45, 5:50, 7:55, and 9:55, and Thurs Dec 13 at 5:50- IFC Film Center- W. 4th and 6th Ave.- I forgot. Another reason for the delay in posting all of this: it's taken IFC Film Center forever to post times for the 30th anniversary restoration of Eraserhead. I have a real beef with these people and their lack of scheduling skills. First they couldn't (can't?) plan weeks in advance, so sometimes it's easy to forget the theater even exists when the weekend or Monday rolls around. Then, unless it's a midnight or 12noon film, they can't figure out when to post times for their revivals; you're not guarding state secrets people. It's some movies you're working hard at keeping people from making plans to see. Look, you have a very comfortable venue to watch films in, but some of your skills suck.

Why I'm I taking so much time writing about the venue instead of David Lynch's first film? Because I wrote about and pitched it back in January, so you can go back to the archives for this one. In fact, this might be the same restoration that Lynch personally worked on, that was screened at MOMA back in Jan. Can't tell, since the Film Center is useless for info along these lines. But, it's playing through Dec 19, and I'd really like to make an effort to catch this. I'd even do a midnight screening. Make it feel like how it might have been back in the late 70s and early 80s. Get a cup of David Lynch Signature Coffee and it's perfect. Actually it is pretty good, but they only sell it by the tiny cup and not in venti, or even by the pound so you can take it home. Again IFC, what the hell people?!?!?! Anyway, let's come out to watch this. Not for those who have to have their films linear or spelled out for them, but come nevertheless.

SCARFACE (1932)- Fri Dec 14 at 6:30- MOMA- Sub-titled "The Shame Of A Nation", it's actually pretty effective for a gangster film from 1932. Co directed by Howard Hawks and Richard Rosson, Paul Muni stands out so well in the title role, he could give Pacino's version of the character (Italian in the original, Cuban in the remake) a run for his money. With George Raft and Boris Karloff. One of those that perhaps helped usher in The Production Code a little sooner then planned. Based loosely on the crime career of Al Capone, who supposedly had his own copy made. When it comes to brushing up on your early gangster films, start with Little Caesar, go to The Public Enemy, and move straight into this. Or just start by seeing this.

ARMY OF DARKNESS- Fri Dec 14 at Midnight- Landmark Sunshine Cinema- E. Houston St. bet. 1st and 2nd Ave.- The second sequel to The Evil Dead, but for those who are not into horror flicks, don't worry. This stays away from that, and goes more for sword and sorcery, with tongue firmly planted in check. Director Sam Raimi's favorite leading man, Bruce Campbell, plays his character as possibly the most macho, and the stupidest version of Han Solo you've ever seen. So far as I know, this is the 81 minute theatrical release, as opposed to the 96 minute directors cut.

The order I want to see these films is coincidentally the order I have them. Go figure. On the next list, unless there's something unforeseen, the only films I'll have on the list will have Mickey Mouse, Charlie Chaplin, or be directed by Bob Fosse. Hard to say no to most of them. Let me know about this one first. Later all.

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