Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mid May revivals.

Hey all. Mike here. Not in the mood for a long list, so I'll just break down what to catch for the next 8-10 days or so. All repeats from the last list or from an earlier one, but worth bringing up. Here we go:

THIEVES LIKE US- Wed May 14, Fri May 16, and Tues May 20 at 7 and 9:30- Film Forum- Part of the United Artists Back By Popular Demand retrospective. I mentioned and pushed this Robert Altman drama before (basically, a more realistic variation of Bonnie and Clyde), and I do so again. But luckily, it's been popular enough that the Forum is giving it a week-long run. Can't get any easier for you to catch. This is just what I'm pretty sure I could make.

ALL ABOUT EVE- Thurs May 15 at 7 and 9:30 for 6.50- Chelsea Clearview Cinema- W. 23rd and 8th Ave- I mentioned it last time. You know it, you've heard about it, so I'll move on.

FIRST BLOOD- Thurs May 15 at 7:30- Regal E-Walk 13 on 42nd st, Regal Union Square 14, Regal Kaufman Astoria 14, Chelsea Clearview Cinema 1st & 62nd and Chelsea Clearview on 260 West 23rd- A digital screening of the Stallone film. Again, a repeat mention from the last list. I've seen mention about the screening elsewhere, and I thought it was supposed to be First Blood as it was back in 1982, followed by interviews and the complete alternate ending. But some of what I've read makes me think we'll see this alternate ending, edited in and eliminating the other one. I'm confused but whatever.
It's still awful fun. And yes, I do mean awful. And yes, I do mean fun. Personally, Kaufman Astoria, the Clearview on E. 62nd and the Regal on 42nd St are easiest to get to for me. But it's playing on the same night as All About Eve at the Chelsea Clearview. It might be possible to see First Blood then sneak in to All About Eve afterwards? Might miss the first minute or so. Just musing . . .

Enough for now. Later all.

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