Friday, October 17, 2008

Godfather update

THE GODFATHER and THE GODFATHER PART 2- Fri Oct 17 and Sun Oct 19 at 2:35 (Part 2), 6:25 (Part 1) and 10 (Part 2)- and Tuesday Oct 21 and Thurs Oct 23 at 6:25 (Part 1) and 10 (Part 2)- The Ziegfeld theater- 141 West 54th St.- The two classic films finally left the Film Forum earlier this week. Now it will play for one week at the Ziegfeld. Every day and night (except for Wednesday), through Thursday the 23rd. On Friday the 24th, it will be replaced by High School Musical 3, something I guarantee you will never be on this list, unless i get paid to put it on.

The cleaned up print and sound version will be played on one of the largest screens and better sound systems this city has to offer. Don't think this will be digitally screened, I believe we'll be looking at film in this engagement. But think about it; this will be the last time it will look and sound this good on the big screen. The next time it looks and sounds this good again, most if not all of us looking at this will be dead. Gone. Think about it; two of the greatest films ever, and your last best chance to catch them. The choice is yours, you have been updated.

And to correct myself regarding The Witches of Eastwick,(which is still playing on the
23rd if you prefer this to a Godfather film), most of the info I had about it, came from Hit and Run by Nancy Griffin and Kim Masters. A good book, where they tell the story of how producers and former studio execs Jon Peters and Peter Guber tended to make a lot of money for themselves, but only occasionally for the studio they work for/with. Then they took over Columbia Pictures and Tri-Star for Sony, and though they didn't bankrupt Sony, they did major damage to their bottom line for quite a number of years.

Anyway, I should have look at the book a little more before I wrote. Specifically, it wasn't Cher who insisted on the role that director George Miller promised to Susan Sarandon, it was Warner Bros. execs who insisted. Though it was true that Sarandon didn't realize she had a different role until she arrived on location, the studio was fine letting Sarandon think it was all Cher's idea (page 137).

The other major tidbit I screwed up was that Miller did direct one film filled with humans, in between Witches and the two Babe films: Lorenzo's Oil. Yes, Miller was so burned out with the Hollywood style of filmmaking, that he didn't direct for years, but he did do one project he cared about. Not one of my favorites. It plays all the time on either one of the HBO channels, or one of the Cinemax channels, and I usually ignore it. There, I've corrected myself, and I move on. Later all.

P.S.: Yes, that's me in the reflection, taking a cell phone picture of The Godfather 2 poster at the Forum. Figured it would be easier than just getting it from another source.

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