Thursday, June 11, 2009

June revivals: middle of the month

Mike here with what to catch in the middle of June. Some stuff coming that I can't wait for the very last minute for a response, so I have to post now. They'll be a few repeats but they're more reminders than anything else. Here we go:
LE COMBAT DANS L'ILE- Fri June 12- Tues June 17 at 7:40 and 9:50- Film Forum- A new 35mm print of a 1962 French film that gets a New York release for the first time. I brought it up last time, so check the last list for a refresher.

BETTY BLUE: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT- Fri June 12 at 8:10 for at least a week run- Cinema Village- 22 E. 12th St.- From director Jean-Jacques Beinex, whose film Diva, I posted and saw a couple of years ago. When released in the U.S. in 1986, an hour of the film was cut. Cut in part to remove some of the full frontal nudity and semi graphic sex scenes, and cut in part because of Alive Films (the defunct 80s company that backed Kiss of the Spider Woman and Baghdad Cafe) didn't think the three hour version would draw an American audience. While the art house audience did come, and that cut received a Foreign Language Oscar Nomination, the original version was never released here until now. Before the version gets its DVD release, it gets shown starting on Friday.

A romantic drama. A man and woman fall in love. She is a manic depressive who touches the heart of a lonely handyman. She's the most exciting thing to ever happen to him. But as the relationship progresses, her already shaky grasp on reality falls further apart. Beatrice Dalle made her screen debut in the lead role, and became a leading lady in France from that point forward, though her supposed drug problems have hampered her from being bigger. Have only seen parts of the U.S. cut, and would really like to catch this full version.

The film's opening scene also made's list of hottest sex scenes. Here's what I cut and pasted from last year's article from Glenn Kelly:

Even the most hot-to-trot movies generally make the viewer wait before unveiling any erotic action, but not this crazily emotional romance, whose opening shot tracks in on title character Betty (a near-feral BĂ©atrice Dalle) and her amiable paramour Zorg (Jean-Hugues Anglade) whiling away a summer afternoon, rutting like maniacs. Their fierce bond is immediately established... and to this day, even the most disinterested of viewers may wonder whether the two performers were at it for real, such is the verisimilitude of their thrusts and cries.
THE SHINING- Fri June 12 and Sat June 13 at 11:10PM- IFC Center- I guess this was very popular last weekend when it played at midnight last weekend at IFC Center. So it gets a repeat screening, this time at slightly easier hour. If you haven't seen it on the big screen, now is the time.

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY- Fri June 12 and Sat June 13 at Midnight- IFC Film Center- I've brought up one of my all time favorites before, I brought it up last time, I bring it up again, and will keep bringing it up whenever it plays in a theater I like. If you've never seen it on the big screen ever, go this weekend.

THE STING- Mon June 15 at dusk for free at Bryant Park- Park opens at 5PM- The classic con film, where Paul Newman and Robert Redford try to outfox evil Robert Shaw, kicks off the free Bryant Park film series. I wonder how well the films with heavy dialogue do there. Very mixed at best. But Newman, Redford, and Scott Joplin's music should make it worthwhile. The outings are usually fun, and unless you cover yourself in chicken blood or something sweet, NO MOSQUITOES!

GONE WITH THE WIND for 5 dollars, with an intro from Robert Osbourne, an episode of a Buck Rogers serial and an animated short- Sat June 20 at Noon- Academy Theater at Lighthouse International- 111 E. 59th St. bet. Park and Lex Ave.- A cleaned up print of all I just brought up here. Part of the Best Picture nominees of 1939 retrospective. For 5 dollars, we start out with a chapter of the old Buck Rogers serial starring Buster Crabbe. Then an animated short, presumably from that year. At some point we have our host, TCM's Robert Osbourne, doing an intro, though I don't know when he does it exactly. Then the film, at 12:30. In this case the big hit, the big Oscar winner, the classic, Gone With The Wind.

I've brought it up before, so I won't go into a repeat. But this might be the best chance to see this, if you've never seen it before, or seen it before on the big screen. But for only 5 dollars, if you think you can handle being there from about 11:30- 11:40AM until about 4:30PM, this would be worth it. Crank up the caffeine and let's do it. Call 212 821-9251 or go to

That's all for now. Not sure if they'll be a list for the end of June, otherwise, I'll jump to July when needed. Later all.

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