Friday, July 25, 2014

End of July revivals

Hey, all. Mike here, still doing the one week at a time drill with regards to film revivals. This one runs thru the end of July, don't mind me if any of these conflict. So let me not waste any time, here we go:

A HARD DAYS NIGHT- Fri July 24- Thurs July 31 at 3:30 and 8:10- Film Forum- A 50th anniversary digital restoration that was supposed to finish its Forum run on Thursday July 17,has been given yet another extension of at least one more week. Limited screening times, but extended none the less. But the Long Island run in Cinema Arts Centre is over, so now it's Film Forum or nada.

A Hard Day's Night from 1964. The Richard Lester classic that defined Beatlemania, influenced MTV until it became a place for reality shows, made most musicals that told their stories in stodgy ways to become Dead Musicals Walking, and briefly made the Beatles the seeming heir to the Marx Bros in comedy. Ok, Paul is stiffer then a tree in Yellowstone here, but John, Ringo, and especially George, make up for that. And oh yeah, there are few decent songs. All My Loving, And I Love Her, Can't Buy Me Love, the title song, and others. C'mon folks, this film is fun:

THE MALTESE FALCON and MURDER, MY SWEET- Fri July 25 at 7:30 (Falcon) and 9:50 (Murder)- Film Forum-  Part of the Forum's Essential Film Noir series. One of the best ever and an AFI Top 100 film (both lists), Falcon made Bogart a leading man for life and was also John Huston's directorial debut. Proof that Tarantino did not have the best start to a film career. Okay maybe Welles did, but no one went to see Citizen Kane when it came out, but they did go to see Falcon in the same year. And oh by the way, its one of the best films ever made. I'm sorry did I say this already instead of going on about the film? If you know this site is known to you at all, then this is the kind of film you know well. "The kind that dreams are made of". I hope we can go.

Followed by Murder, My Sweet. Never saw this, but wouldn't mind at all. To quote from the website: "I caught the blackjack right behind my ear. A black pool opened up at my feet. I dived in." Dick Powell's Philip Marlowe, sweating through a police grilling, flashes back to tell this story of murder, blackmail, sadism, and sexual servitude, in the picture Chandler considered the best of all his novel adaptations (based on Farewell, My Lovely) - and the prototypical 40s noir.

PULP FICTION for 10 dollars- Fri July 25 at Midnight- Landmark Sunshine Cinema- Now here's a film that probably fits the title "The Greatest Independent Film Ever Made" Not quite sure if it is, but it fits the title a lot better than Reservoir Dogs, and if you pitch it right, I might buy your argument. A film that doesn't feel old, and while the ride might feel familiar, you'll quickly remember how great the ride is. An Oscar winner for the Screenplay, nominations including Best Picture, Director for Tarantino, Actor for John Travolta, Supporting Actor for Samuel L. Jackson and Supporting Actress for Uma Thurman. Like Maltese Falcon, on both AFI Top 100 lists and in my own personal Top 40:

PAPER MOON introduced by Alena Smith- Mon July 28 at 8- IFC Center-  Oscar winning film that rarely gets a revival screening. A dramedy, where Ryan O'Neal and daughter Tatum are con artists during the Depression. They may or may not actually be father and daughter, they pose as such often enough for their various cons. The last film Peter Bogdanovich ever directed that audiences gave a crap about, at least until Mask. A big hit back in 1973, Oscar nominated for Madeline Kahn for Supporting Actress, Sound and Alvin Sargent's Screenplay Adaptation, an Oscar for Tatum; the youngest to ever win the award. Writer Alena Smith (HBO's The Newsroom among other credits), will talk about the film:

MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL for 8 dollars- Wed July 30 at 7- AMC Empire- A cheap screening of the comedy classic. A lot of fun on a warm summer night, without the pesky nudity and crucifixion that keeps Life of Brian off some other screens. And since it's Python, you'll probably be sitting near a fanatic who silently mouths some of the lines. Whether this sounds like a blast to be around fans, or it feels like the seventh level of Hell, is up to you. I understand either way, but I'll post it anyway in case there's interest. I would be easy to spot; I'll be the one with the killer rabbit puppet. Wait, they'll probably be at least twenty guys doing that. Never mind about that, if you've never seen it on the big screen, just go . . . .

CASABLANCA for free- Wed July 30 at 8 or sundown- Maspeth Savings Bank Parking Lot- 69th St and Grand Ave in Maspeth, Queens- So yes, there have been free movies being screened at the parking lot of a bank. I already did The Lego Movie so no need to go again. But if you want to bring a chair to a parking lot in Maspeth to see one of the greatest movies ever made, here you go. I am curious, especially since I have no idea what the conditions will be like, except that this screening is weather permitted:

Let me know if there's interest. Later all.

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