Friday, March 04, 2011

March revivals: first half.

Hey, Mike here with a list of revivals for the first half of March. Small list and I'll keep it brief, so here we go:

WHITE HEAT for 5 dollars- Mon March 7 at 7- Academy Theater at Lighthouse International- 111 E. 59th St.- A Jimmy Cagney gangster classic at cheap price thanks to the Academy (the Oscars people). Now that they don't have to deal with newly nominated films anymore, we get our monthly screenings back, and White Heat is the first. For the record, its nomination is for the Screenplay. The story aspect in particular. Yeah, the writing categories were broken up in a weird way back then. Cagney's last gangster film, and he went out with a bang. And yes, this is the film with "Top of the world, Ma! Top of the WOOOOORRRRRLLLLDDDD!!!!!!!". Richard LaGravenese, Oscar nominated writer for The Fisher King and a member of the Writers Branch of the Academy, will introduce the film. Follow the link below and on the bottom right side, you'll see how to order online:

DIARY OF A COUNTRY PRIEST- Mon March 7, Wed March 9 and Thurs March 10 at 7 and 9:30, and Tues March 8 at 9:30- Film Forum- Robert Bresson's drama, one that heavily influenced Taxi Driver 25 years later, in a new 35 mm print. A young, sickly priest starts to work at his new parish. It's in a small town in Northern France, and the townspeople have no want of him. I barely know the film, so I can't tell you if it's a classic or nothing special. I can only say that I'm willing to take a chance:

THE SOFT SKIN- Sat March 12- Thurs March 18 at 7:45 and 10- Film Forum- Also a new 35mm print. A Francois Truffaut film I don't know at all, but would really like to see. A 40 year old man, with a successful career, and a beautiful wife and family, falls for a 20+ year old stewardess (Francoise Dorleac, Catherine Denuve's sister, who died 3 years after the films release). Is this a mid-life crisis or is there something more to this relationship? And once you commit to a double life, the mundane practical matters that come along with it (flight connections, the right hotel, money) cause a strain to the fantasy. But if with those issues, this man-boy still wants to be with this younger woman, now what? As his next film after the big success of Jules and Jim, Truffaut's The Soft Skin was, well, not a big success. Though the years since its 1964 release have been kind. Never seen it, and I'd like to:

Let me know if there's interest. Must know quickly regarding White Heat because the tickets will go fast. Not so quick about the other two are needed. Later all.

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