Monday, March 28, 2011

New screening date for Manchurian Candidate

THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE- hosted by Robert Osbourne with a post-film Q and A by Osbourne with Angela Lansbury- School of Visual Arts- 333 West 23rd st.- Saturday April 2 at 7- The Frank Sinatra brainwashing classic, gets a special screening, courtesy of TCM and their travelling Film Festival, highlighting classic films. It was originally scheduled for Monday April 4th at 7:30 as of March 16th. But sometime within the last 10 days, the screening was moved up by 48 and 1/2 hours. The link needed to print out a pass good for two people will be at the end of this post.

I've done one TCM sponsored screening before: All About Eve last spring. I made sure to get there 2 hours before the screening, because those passes, like the ones here for Manchurian Candidate, didn't guarantee seating. Getting there at least ninety minutes early did the trick. But this was at the Ziegfeld, and this Saturday's screening will be at the smaller of School of Visual Arts.

Also there's a bigger special guest. For All About Eve, we had Elaine Stritch. But for this screening, we get the infamous mother herself, Angela Lansbury, who will be there for a post film Q and A. That should definetly help attract a crowd willing to show up a little sooner than usual.

Oh, did I mention IT'S FREE? If you want to go, print now and plan on a long night, and maybe a late dinner, or a meal to go and have while you're on line. If you're thinking maybe, print now, because TCM won't keep the link up forever. Hope you say yes, because it's a great film; and unless you're over 60 from back when this film came out in 1962, or you caught it during its 1988 re-release, you've never experienced this on the big screen. Here's a great chance to change that. Later:

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